Stolen by the Wolves Exclusive Luxe Edition Preorder

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We are so excited to announce, in collaboration with author Lyx Robinson @lyx.robinson, The Bookish Box Exclusive Luxe Edition of Stolen by the Wolves!! 🎉

This is the first book in the Viking Omegaverse series, and the first book to be featured in our newest collection of Staff Indie Picks! 💖📚 This collection will celebrate Indie authors with each title hand-selected from a member of our staff! We start this collection with Stolen by the Wolves, hand selected and a top favorite read by @ideallyinspiredreviews! 🥰

They are savages. And we are at their mercy.

Tamsin has always been safe behind the walls of her sanctuary. Safe enough to yearn for a glimpse of the world beyond. But with the Viking threat looming, even her secretive kingdom must open its gates to invite allies.

And she gets far more than a glimpse.

The three lords of Dublin are on the hunt for women of her kind. Thrain Mordsson, youngest of the three and bent on a personal vendetta, doesn’t take much stock in the ancient prophecies. He marches into battle for the glory rather than the spoils.

Until he finds himself standing right in front of a fiery-haired princess. And the touch of her hand wakes an ancient magic in them both, one that neither could’ve anticipated.

Our edition will include the following gorgeous customizations:
🐺 Signed by author @lyx.robinson
🐺 Front dust jacket illustrated by author @lyx.robinson
🐺 Reverse dust jacket illustrated by @no0nedesigns
🐺 Page Overlay illustration by @lyx.robinson
🐺 Foiled Hardcase illustration by @no0nedesigns
🐺 Endpapers illustrated by @no0nedesigns
🐺 Stenciled Edges by @no0nedesigns

This is a pre-order and is expected to ship in May 2023. 

For pre-orders, any cancellation requests must be emailed within 48 hours of purchasing. Unfortunately, cancellations will not be made after 48 hours.

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