Let's Talk Bookish Growth
Our team is here to grow, adapt and update our processes to ensure our customers feel valued! 
It is extremely important that our Bookish Fam feels that they can expect quality items and an exceptional experience with us. We are excited to share the steps we are taking to ensure our customer's expectations & needs are being met with an outstanding customer experience ❤️ 

You've got questions, we've got answers.

What steps are The Bookish Box & Shop taking to ensure formatting & grammatical errors are not in their exclusive luxe editions?

We are adding two additional layers to yield against formatting & grammatical errors:

1. We are adding a professional proofreader on every exclusive luxe edition we offer.

2. We will have a professional formatter on every exclusive luxe edition we offer.

KINDLY NOTE: While we always hire a professional formatter, we are finding that some formatters may not be as experienced as advertised. With this in mind, we are adding the proofreader to check after the books have been formatted, to allow another opportunity for formatting errors to be caught and addressed.

What would qualify for The Bookish Box to do a
reprint of an exclusive luxe edition?

Exclusive luxe editions that have major grammatical or formatting errors that were caused due to the formatting from our exclusive luxe editions.

While we cannot do proofreading for the author (ex. if there is a typo that is in the finalized manuscript- that was published) that we were given from the publisher, we cannot legally change that.

What previous exclusive luxe editions is The Bookish Box planning to reprint as of now?

We are currently working to reprint the following:

 - War (from The Four Horsemen Series)
 - Court (from the Crave Series)
 - Stalking Jack the Ripper (Complete Set)
 - Electric Idol (from the Dark Olympus Series) **

**We are currently working to receive permission to issue a reprint.

KINDLY NOTE: Due to needing permission for reprints, as well as our ever evolving process of looking through preorders that have shipped previously & preorders that have yet to ship, this list is subject to change.

What is the timeline for exclusive luxe editions 
The Bookish Box & Shop reprints?
To ensure these reprints are the quality we wish to provide for our customers, all reprints confirmed will require the following steps:
1. We need to receive permission to proceed with a reprint.

2. Our employees will be doing a thorough check on the artwork, design, and format of these exclusive luxe editions.

3. We have contracted a professional formatter to format all reprints. Kindly note: a professional formatter does the formatting for all exclusive luxe editions.

4. We have contracted a professional proofreader to go over all exclusive luxe editions. Kindly note: this is a new process that we will continue to utilize.

5. Our team will be going back through the exclusive luxe editions after they have been formatted & proofread to ensure again that everything is correct. This includes looking for artwork, design & formatting errors.

6. The exclusive luxe editions will need to be printed by our supplier, then shipped to our HQ. This process alone can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

7. Once the reprint arrives, our team can then begin fulfillment.

This is a lengthy process, but we know it is well worth it to ensure our customers are not only excited about their editions but also proud to display, read & share their editions. Due to the lengthy process, we will send email updates to those who purchased a preorder that is being reprinted to keep those customers fully in the loop. An email update will be sent when we have updated information to share, so if an update isn't sent weekly/bi-weekly please know it only means there are no current updates to share. 

What is The Bookish Box & Shop doing in house 
to ensure exclusive luxe editions are free of errors?
We have updated multiple processes to limit the change of errors in our luxe exclusive editions. We've included several of them below: 

1. We have increased our staffing for our curator & quality control departments. We've brought on an employee who has a background in proofreading & formatting for authors. Another employee we've brought on has a background in managing projects which will help ensure steps are never being missed in our process. All employees we've brought on to join these teams have received extensive training and will be reviewing every exclusive luxe edition we offer.

2. We have also implemented a "Perfection Checklist" that will be completed by no less than 4 Bookish employees before any exclusive luxe edition is approved for print.

3. We are working more closely with the publishers and authors to ensure we are receiving approval on character artwork, formatting, and more. Kindly note: while we have always worked closely with the publishers and/or authors, many publishers and/or authors opted out of art approvals. Going forward, we will ensure this is a requirement.

4. We are receiving samples of all exclusive luxe editions. This way, we can have multiple employees on our curating and quality control team review once more for any potential issues. Kindly note: while this may mean if we find an error in the sample it could cause delays in the printing process we feel that this is the best solution to ensure errors are caught before customer shipment.

5. When the shipment arrives at our HQ, we will have our curating and quality control team review the exclusive luxe editions once more before we begin fulfillment. This way, if in the occurrence an issue was caused during the printing process or an error was missed in the process mentioned above, our team has yet another opportunity to catch the issue so we can address this before the luxe exclusive edition is shipped.

As mentioned, these are several updates to our process we are taking alongside multiple other steps we have put into place to ensure we are sending out the highest quality possible.

When shipments of exclusive luxe editions arrive to your 
HQ, how is The Bookish Box & Shop ensuring quality control?
When our team receives our exclusive luxe editions, along with all products, we do the following:

1. The product is brought to our Curating and Quality Control Team for a final review. The product will be reviewed by multiple employees from the teams mentioned before being sent out.
 This process includes double-checking:

- The design and formatting of the product.

- The quality of the product.

2.  Our Fulfillment Team checks each individual exclusive luxe edition to ensure there were no damages caused while in transit to our HQ, as well as looking for any errors that may have been caused in the printing process.

How has The Bookish Box & Shop improved their 
response time to customer inquiries?
We have updated a few things for our Customer Service Department that we are delighted to share:

1. We've brought on two new employees to join our Customer Service Team! They have both received extensive training and since they have begun our response time has generally stayed between 1-3 business days- even during high volume periods!

2. We've updated the process in which our Customer Service Team works through inquiries. This process has proven to increase the number of inquiries each Customer Service Rep can answer daily, all while keeping our response time between 1-3 business days.

We have also updated a few things for our Social Media Department to ensure dm's & comments are being answered in a timely manner:

1. In the last few months, we've brought on an additional employee to assist with dm's & comments! She works on assisting with dm's & comments several hours each day during our work week. Since she has begun, we've experienced quicker response times & more questions being addressed in our comments area. This employee also helps to interact in our Facebook group for our Bookish Subscribers! Shyanne is nothing short of amazing in her position!

2. If we are seeing a common question in the comments of a post, we do our very best to answer the question in at least one comment. When we can, we will also pin this comment to assure the answer is easily found. 

KINDLY NOTE: Our Social Media Team is unable to help with specific account questions, and will always direct you to our Customer Service Team. To ensure a quicker answer from our team, we always recommend reaching out to our Customer Service Team directly (hello@thebookishbox.com OR shop@thebookishbox.com) with any specific account questions or concerns. Our Social Media Team can help with more general questions and clarification on posts/announcements. 
What has The Bookish Box & Shop done to work towards quicker fulfillment once they begin to fulfill a preorder or monthly box?

This is one thing we are extremely excited to share! As our company grew rather quickly, we've worked hard to increase our staffing, alongside other updates to accommodate this rapid growth. Such as:

1. Our fulfillment team has almost tripled in size! We have continued to hire qualified team members to join our fulfillment team, and we will continue to do so to ensure our team is fully staffed up. Our fulfillment team is made up of amazing, dedicated, and hardworking team members that are always finding ways to improve our fulfillment process! Our Fulfillment Leads help to keep our lines running smoothly and efficiently. While our Fulfillment Team may be a more behind-the-scenes department, they are an integral part of our company and they impress us each and every day.

2. We have been working to increase space for storage in our warehouse to ensure the process of unloading a container is as quick & easy as possible- which helps leave more time for fulfilling monthly boxes & preorders! While we've made enormous leaps of progress on this over the last few years to keep up with our rapid growth - weeks ago, we started the process of working with an independent contractor to implement higher shelving units for pallets, as well as restructuring the layout of our warehouse to accommodate our growth.

3. The fulfillment quantity goal per day changes with each box/preorder we are fulfilling. For example, some items fit easily into a box while others require more of a "Tetris" situation which can slow fulfillment down a little. Another example would be if we received an exclusive luxe edition in which the dust jackets were not up to standard, our fulfillment team may need to replace all the dust jackets while fulfilling.  While the variables exist, we feel we can anticipate the length of time it takes our team to fulfill everything.

What has The Bookish Box & Shop done to lessen their shop processing time for non-preorders & monthly boxes?

We are thrilled to share that our shop processing time has been reduced to 1-2 weeks! However, we are finding that a large number of shop orders ship before they reach the 1-week mark. Here are steps we've previously implemented to decrease our shop processing time: 

1. Our Shop Team has and will continue to grow! We have an amazing team in our shop, who truly put care into pulling & packing each order. We are still hiring to increase our Shop Team, but we are extremely happy with our current team. Not only do they care about packing customers' orders safely, accurately, and aesthetically pleasing- they also find new ways consistently to improve production rates. Similar to our Fulfillment Team, our Shop Team may be more of a behind-the-scenes team- but they are extremely important to our success as a company.

2. Over the past few years, our Printing Team (our shirts are hand printed using the screen printing method) has expanded. We have also partnered with some local printers to ensure we can stay stocked up to our new volume. We no longer print shirts to order, all inventory available of any printed item in our shop has been printed, checked for quality, bagged, and stored in an organized manner for our Shop Team to find with ease. This means, that when you order apparel, we have it prepared and available.

3. We continue to find ways to keep the shop area organized, with items easily accessible. In the past few years, as we began offering more variety in our shop, we have developed systems and tools that have aided in productivity. 

4. We are hiring seasonal employees earlier! This helps to ensure all seasonal employees have had plenty of experience in fulfilling and packing orders when we hit the busiest season of the year. We are currently hiring seasonal employees now, so our shop is prepared for the largest sale we do: Black Friday. 

5. Lastly, we are working extremely hard to give clear processing times during large sales, so our customers know the processing time before placing an order during large sales (ex. Members Day, Black Friday, etc.). If we expect a larger processing time during a sale, we announce the processing time when we announce an upcoming sale. We also include this information on our Shipping Updates Page, as well as in the order confirmation email customers receive upon placing an order.

How is The Bookish Box & Shop improving their 
communication on shipping updates?
We have put in place a new system for sharing our shipping updates with our customer's feedback in mind. Going forward:

1. We will have our shipping updates page updated by 3PM Arizona time every Monday.

2. Because most of our shipping updates require information to be shared with us from our shipping partner, it is possible that we may be waiting on more information from our shipping partner in order to provide an update. While we expect this to be few and far in-between, we want to have a plan set in place in case this occurs. With this, if we are unable to provide a shipping update for a preorder/monthly box, we will still post all other updates & we will state "We are currently awaiting an update from our shipping partner and/or supplier. We expect to have an update by *insert time*  on *insert date*, which will be shared here" as the update. This way you have a clear idea of when to expect an update and aren't left to continuously check the shipping updates page in hopes of an update.

3. With feedback from our customers, it seems we have some customers who would like the weekly shipping updates emailed to them and some customers who would prefer not to have them emailed. The solution we have created is:

We now have a Shipping Updates Newsletter! You can sign up to receive our shipping updates via email every Monday by 5PM Arizona time. Signing up for this newsletter is different than our Bookish Newsletter, and will only sign you up to receive one email from us every Monday. This newsletter will not sign you up to receive any other emails.  If you'd like to receive these email updates, you can sign up for our Shipping Updates Newsletter HERE!

4. The only other shipping updates email that will be sent will be: (a) is announcing it is the last call for address changes because fulfillment will be starting soon. (b) if there is a significant delay or update that needs to be shared. In this case (b), the email will be sent only to those who are affected.

Does The Bookish Box & Shop take customer feedback
 and do they censor negative feedback?
We value our customers and we want to consistently grow and adjust to ensure our customers' expectations are met or exceeded and that they have an amazing customer experience with us. With this in mind:

1. We appreciate feedback from our customers as it allows us the opportunity to make changes! We only ask that customer feedback is given constructively and respectfully. While we are a business, we are still human. Hateful comments or feedback given in a hurtful manner are harmful to our teams' mental health and the overall quality of their work and home life. As a business, we are responsible to ensure our team is not being subjected to hate or hurtful comments. We will continue to accept constructive, respectful feedback with an open mind and will always do our best to adapt to keep our customer's experience stellar.

2. The only time our team will remove negative feedback is for the following reasons:

- If the feedback is given in a hateful manner.

- If the feedback is given aggressively or qualifies as bullying. 

-If the feedback is spreading false information.

-If the feedback is continuously posted on multiple posts or one post multiple times from the same account in an aggressive, hateful manner.

-If the feedback is made in a comment (on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other public platforms of The Bookish Box & Shop) and that comment now has a thread containing: bullying, hateful comments, or false information. Even if the original comment does not include the above, if the thread turns into a toxic area for our customers or employees, we would then remove the comment.

3. Our team collects feedback given from our customers constantly. When we receive emails with feedback/improvement suggestions; our team shares this information to pass to our CEO, Curating Team, Logistics Team, and more. We hear your feedback and we will continue to strive to exceed expectations! 

Truly, thank you to all that have shared your feedback with us over the years! It has helped us transform into the company we are today, and we are so excited to continue improving your experience. 

How are Bookish Box & Shop employees working 
conditions & are employees taken care of?
The Bookish Box takes employees' working conditions, as well as their overall quality of life very seriously. We have and will always feel that it is our responsibility to care for our employees in every way we can. We have a very close-knit team and as we grow we continue to make our business a safe place for employees.

- Like most warehouses, our warehouse is equipped with several overhead swamp coolers. 

-In addition to the overhead swamp coolers, we have multiple large & small commercial portable swamp coolers to ensure our employees are not working in extreme heat. 

-We have large rotating fans, along with small portable station fans to keep a constant flow of air in the warehouse. 

-We have a deep freezer in our warehouse that contains the ice packs for the ice vests we provide. The ice packs go into a vest that they can wear which is extremely helpful to keep employees nice and cool!

-We supply back braces (ones made for back support while lifting), gloves (cloth & latex), and arm protectors (used to protect their arms while folding boxes) for all employees. We also have a few Theragun Massage Guns that are available for use.

-Any work that is available to be done while seated, is encouraged to be done while being seated. In the same vein as a server at a restaurant being unable to sit all day during their shift, some activities cannot be done while being seated. However, in general, most prep work (folding/bagging shirts, dust jacketing or bagging books, placing stickers on books, and many more activities) can be worked on while being seated and we encourage our team to sit while they do these activities. In the past, if an employee has ever had an injury that prevents them from standing, we work to accommodate their needs.

-We not only provide a constant, unlimited supply of fresh cold water for our employees- we also provide our employees with insulated water bottles to fill unlimited, at any time throughout their day. We also supply LiquidIV packets and cold Gatorade as an additional way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

-Our kitchen area is stocked with several drink options (water, Gatorade, requested sodas, Red Bull, etc), along with snacks and small meals. All of this is provided free of cost for all employees. The kitchen also includes multiple fridges, multiple microwaves, a toaster oven, an espresso machine, a Keurig Machine, a machine to produce hot water, and more. We have a mini coffee bar that includes syrups, creamers, multiple choices of Keurig Pods, tea bags, etc so employees can make fun drinks on their breaks and lunches.

-Our employees all receive two 15-minute breaks, along with one 30-minute lunch break during an 8-hour shift. Extra breaks are given when employees work longer than a normal 8-hour shift. 

-Our employees can take their breaks in our lounge area which includes several tables, comfy chairs, and a couch or they can leave the premise for breaks as well. We also have multiple bookshelves full of books that employees have full access to! 

-Our company car is available for employees to use when errands for our HQ are needed to be made. However, our company car is often lent out to employees who may be experiencing car trouble and need transportation to & from work at that time.

-All employees are treated with equality, no matter their race, gender, sexual identity, etc. We are a safe place for our employees and we will protect their rights, their safety, and mental health to the best of our ability always. Our HR department is accessible to all employees and any allegations made are taken seriously.

- The Bookish Box & Shop (Appraising Pages, LLC) offers a comprehensive benefits program that includes: paid sick time (well over the amount required by Arizona Law), paid time off, health insurance options, and 401k. 

-All employees start well above minimum wage and receive raises consistently. We also increase wages due to inflation and increases in the cost of living.

-Along with the above, we offer multiple other benefits for our employees. Such as work parties, birthday cakes/celebrations, randomly purchasing Starbucks/ cookies/lunch for the team, bonuses, gift cards, and more.

We truly aim to give our employees an outstanding experience while at work, which we believe is why we have a low turnover rate. We have employees that have been with us for several years, and that recommend friends and family to apply for employment with us. As a result, we not only have friends working together, we have married couples and family members employed. We have always felt that our team members deserve to be treated with respect, care, and empathy, and are provided with more than the bare minimum the state requires. Alongside our customers- our employees are why we do what we do. To see employees thriving, recommending family/friends, and feeling safe to confide in us for support in & outside of work is an extreme blessing that will never be taken for granted. We have and will always provide the best and safest work conditions for our team members.

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