Neon Gods Update

Hi Bookish Fam! 

We previously announced that we would not be sending the Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Editions we originally received due to some formatting/grammar issues. However, we hear your feedback & we are seeing high interest in sending out the Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Editions that we have originally received (the ones containing formatting/grammar issues) in addition to the corrected Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Editions. 
With this in mind: 
❤️ We are sending everyone who preordered Neon Gods the Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Editions that we have in-house. To be clear, these are the editions that have formatting/grammar issues. 
❤️ We will still be sending the corrected, updated Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Edition at a later date. This edition will have a printed signature, not a hand-signed signature, but will not have formatting/grammar issues. We will continue to keep you updated on the timeline for this. 
❤️ Please keep in mind, that the Neon Gods that we are currently sending have formatting and grammar issues. This is undergoing intense proofreading to ensure the re-print you will be receiving is perfect. But we want to be very clear that the edition our team is shipping now, has issues that our team is currently working to fix. 
❤️ Today, we have begun shipping both our Wicked Beauty & Neon Gods Preorders! Our team is working to get these to you as quickly as possible and we expect to have these all shipped before the end of next week. We have seen a good amount be picked up from our HQ today, so your edition or editions may already be on the way!
We truly appreciate the feedback we've received via emails to our Customer Service Team and within our Facebook Groups. We want you to know that we hear you, we see you and we will do right by you to the best of our ability. Thank you to those who've respectfully provided us with this feedback. With it, we were able to make a change to what we had originally planned to do and we are so hopeful this updated plan brings joy to each of you! We are here not only because we love books, but because of this community we are a part of. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Service Team is happy to help!
| The Bookish Team |

EMAIL UPDATE FROM: September 2nd.


Hi Bookish Fam!

As previously mentioned in our weekly shipping updates, our team has been working on doing thorough proofreading of these exclusive luxe editions. While Wicked Beauty has completed & passed this check, we found some issues in Neon Gods that will be resulting in a re-print. We are currently having an additional professional proofreader go through this exclusive luxe edition to ensure there are no additional updates needed before we send this to print.
With this in mind: 

As mentioned in our previous shipping update, we have been working with the author and publisher to get the ball moving on this re-print. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure more hand-signed tipped-in pages to use for this re-print. We completely understand that the author is unable to sign more tipped-in pages due to her schedule, and do not want any fault to fall on Katee Robert or the publisher. While we are unable to include a hand-signed signature, we were able to receive permission to include a printed signature for our re-print. With this, please know that the Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Edition you receive will have a printed signature.
Because of this delay and these editions now including a printed signature, we wanted to throw in an extra bonus to all Neon Gods preorders. Our team is working on an exclusive page overlay that will be included with your Neon Gods preorder. We know this page overlay is going to be a gorgeous addition.
We've shared before that re-prints have a lengthy process that must be completed, and our team has been working hard to proceed with the re-print. Typically, once an exclusive luxe edition is sent to print (after it's been proofread), it takes about 8 weeks to arrive at our HQ. This edition is being proofread one more time by an additional professional proofreader, but once this has been completed we will start the printing process. With this said, we are tentatively expecting to begin sending out our Neon Gods Exclusive Luxe Edition in 8-10 weeks. However, we will update you once these have completed the proofreading process. We will also keep you updated throughout this process. 
Kindly note: If an update isn't shared weekly, we promise we are still working on this re-print. We will only share updates as we have updates, and don't want any panic to be set in if a weekly update is not received. We will ensure you are fully in the loop. 
We will be starting fulfillment on Wicked Beauty this Friday, 9/2. We will be fulfilling ALL orders for Wicked Beauty- if you purchased both Neon Gods & Wicked Beauty, you will be receiving Wicked Beauty during this fulfillment and you will be receiving Neon Gods in a separate shipment.
We absolutely understand if with this delay you'd no longer wish to receive your preorder. While we hope you can wait a little longer, we do not want anyone to feel as though they are tied into receiving this edition. If you would like to cancel your preorder, please reach out to our Customer Service Team by 8AM PT on Friday, 9/2. You can reach our Customer Service Team by responding directly to this email update or by emailing with the subject line "CANCEL NEON GODS". This offer also extends to those who purchased BOTH Neon Gods & Wicked Beauty. If you purchased both, and due to the delay on Neon Gods, you would like to cancel- our team is here to help.
​Thank you so much for having patience with us as we grow in providing not only stunning but perfect exclusive luxe editions. We've created a page that you can view HERE to see how we have improved our process to ensure perfection can be expected from our exclusive luxe editions. We appreciate your support, and we are excited for the future. As always, if you have any questions, our Customer Service Team ( is happy to help.
| The Bookish Team |