Stalking Jack the Ripper: A Statement from The Bookish Box

Hi, Bookish Fam!

We want to first and foremost apologize for disappointing our customers with the recent mistakes in many of the special editions we’ve done. When we first found out about these mistakes, we implemented a checklist and we hired an employee who has editing experience to be part of the quality control project (to ensure books do not have issues). While we’ve found that this process is effective, we do have books that have gone to print before we implemented these changes. Our recent shipment including the books for Stalking Jack the Ripper had grammatical errors in them, that we believe to be unacceptable. With this, we will be fixing this mistake to the best of our abilities.
Here is what our current plan is:
❤️ We are having a new formatter go through the books, followed by a proofreader. These are professional services we have hired for, they are independent contractors that we have brought on to ensure these books are perfect. 

❤️ Additionally, we will be updating the foiling cover to be more of a pink-rose gold, instead of a copper-rose gold. Aside from the foiling color update, the only other changes would be fixing formatting & grammatical errors. 

❤️ These books will have a printed signature inside of them (on all 4) and will be shipped, of course at no cost to our customers. For our international Bookish Fam, these will be shipped marked as a gift and will be put at under $10 in the retail value area.

❤️ Alternatively, if you decide you would not like a new set, you can contact our Customer Service Team and we will offer a full refund. The original books do not need to be returned to our HQ. 

❤️ Currently, the books are undergoing new formatting, as well as proofreading. Once those actions have been completed and the books are moved to production, we will update you with a timeline. 

❤️ If at any point before shipment, you decide you no longer would like a new set: you can contact our Customer Service Team and we will offer a full refund. The original books do not need to be returned to our HQ.
❤️ All customers who ordered this set will be sent a $30 shop credit, that can be used on any shop purchases from The Bookish Box & Shop. This credit can be used for shop orders, as well as new subscription boxes and preorders. We will be sending an email later this week with the credit code included.

❤️ In light of these errors, if you have decided you would like to cancel any preorder that has not already moved to shipment, please contact our Customer Service Team, so we can assist with this. Additionally, our team is currently going back to check any of the books that have gone to print, before we implemented changes, but have not yet shipped to do an in-depth quality check. If for any reason, we find that the books have errors that need changes, we will be re-printing them. If this occurs, we will send an email to notify any that have purchased those specific preorders. 

We want to extend our deepest and sincerest apologies for these issues. We feel terrible knowing our customers spent their hard earned money with us, and we have let you down. Please know, we see and hear your concerns, and are not blind to our faults.  We want to be very clear that we have made changes in-house to ensure these types of issues will not be repeated. This includes a more in-depth quality check when the books arrive, before shipment, along with multiple quality control processes. For an in-depth look at the changes we’ve been making, we will be creating a page going over these updates on our website. We will be sharing this on our page this week, once this is live. We are committed to earning back the trust of the book community, and are grateful for the opportunity to do so by learning from these mistakes and doing better. We appreciate anyone who has come forward to let us know any mistakes they have found and giving us the opportunity to fix this. 

The Bookish Box Team

| Photo by @esmee_books |