Throne of Glass Inspired: Aelin Galathynius Candle

Throne of Glass Inspired: Aelin Galathynius Candle

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Featured in our October YA, Wicked Schemes box, this Aelin Galathynius smells of blueberry, graham cracker and vanilla cream 🥰We know Aelin's sweet tooth would spark up this candle in a heartbeat! 

This Bookish Shop exclusive candle is made with soy wax, a wood wick (hear the crackle!) and is hand poured with love! Our 4oz  candle comes in a clear glass containers. Lid included.

New to woodwicks? Here are some tips & tricks to get the best burn:

  • Make sure your wick is trimmed to between 1/8″ – 3/16″ / 3.2Mm – 4.8Mm before lighting. If the wick is too long, the wax will not pull up the wick and the wick will extinguish.
  • Wooden wicks do need a little attention and tending to before each burn, similar to cotton wicks. Be sure to gently snap off the ash or burnt wood along the top edge of the wick and then light as usual.
  • If when burning the candle for a long period of time you notice the flame height getting too low, it may be necessary to tap off any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. The flame will then return to its proper optimal height.
  • Be very careful not to let any debris from the wick (or anything else!) Fall into the candle.
  • Extinguish candle when 1/2” / 12.7Mm of wax is remaining.
  • Do not burn candle more than 4 hours at one time.

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