Between Despair & Hope Exclusive Luxe Edition

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Between Despair & Hope Exclusive Luxe Edition

Exclusive Luxe Edition details:

✨ Signed by Author Jess Wisecup
✨ Custom signature page art by @lettersbylila_ 
✨ Foiled hardcase art by @lettersbylila_ 
✨ Stenciled Edge art by @lettersbylila_ 
✨ Endpapers art by @jemlin_c
✨ Character Overlay art by @jemlin_c

In collaboration with Jess Wisecup, The Bookish Box is thrilled to announce our Exclusive Luxe Edition of Between Despair and Hope! This is the sequel to Between Wrath and Mercy (our December Adult 2022 book), and we are happy to be able to continue the series.

Book Synopsis:

During the longest night, will you sink into the darkness or call upon your light?

Emmeline has experienced more heartache and sorrow than any one person should. Though she now has immeasurable divinity granted by the gods, her new status came at a price she never would have paid.

Haunted by the events of the Cascade and the horrifying acts she bore witness to, she must work alongside people she never would have expected to undo the atrocities committed on that dreadful day—starting with what was done to her daughter. With the help of trusted friends and new allies, she must learn to harness and control her powers, live with guilt and grief in the face of her decisions, and work to save the one man who never gave up on her.

Will her love be enough to bring back those she loves—not only physically, but mentally, as well?