Starting Wednesday, April 17th at 10 A.M. PT through Monday, April 22nd at 10 A.M. PT, every Tee you buy in our shop you’ll get a Mystery Tee completely FREE!

Mystery Tees are a Bookish Box & Shop shirt design you can no longer purchase that we hand-select just for you! They could have been featured in our monthly subscription boxes or a Bookish Shop exclusive design.

Step 1: Add your Bookish Tee or Tees to your cart.

Step 2: Next, add the corresponding amount of Mystery Unisex Bookish Tee or Tees to your cart. For every 1 Bookish Tee in your cart, you receive 1 Mystery Tee for free. For example, if you have 2 Bookish Tees in your cart, you would add 2 Mystery Tees to your cart.

Step 3: The Mystery Unisex Bookish Tee listing can be found by utilizing the search bar on The Bookish Shop's website.

✨ No discount code is required. All discounts occur automatically upon checkout.

This discount applies only to Bookish Tees and does not include any other items from The Bookish Shop- including, but not limited to: sweaters, hoodies, and joggers.

Additional discount codes cannot be applied, including rep codes and rewards codes.

✨ While supplies last! There is a limited number of Mystery Unisex Bookish Tees available.