The Bookish Box Adult Book & Goodies Monthly Subscription

The Bookish Box Adult Book & Goodies Monthly Subscription

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Our AUGUST ADULT BOX comes highly requested, and we are happy to deliver! 😏 Presenting our August Adult Theme: "BOOK DADDIES", where we're celebrating our fave book baes, thirst traps, and swoon-worthy romantic love interests! 😍

Our featured book for August will be UNTAINTED by Lilian T. James @liliantjamesauthor , which will include an exclusive bonus scene that is S-P-I-C-Y! 🥵

There were several things Vera was quite skilled at. Wielding a blade and pretending to be human were two of them. Following the rules and controlling her anger, were not. Raised in the heart of the Matherin Empire, Vera spent most of her life forced to hide what she was and what she could do. Until one day, she foolishly confronts a strange male she spies tailing the Crown Prince.

Not only does the altercation not go as planned, but the male claims she possesses a power his people vitally need. He's desperate to return home and refuses to leave without her.

Staying would give her a life she never thought she'd have but leaving could provide her with the only chance to learn more about her past.

The more answers she uncovers about herself, the more questions arise, and nothing is adding up. Vera must decide what to do, not only with her life, but with the ancient power inside her.

Our hardcover Luxe Exclusive Edition will include:
🖤 Custom signature page designed by @coverdungeonrabbit & hand signed by the author
🖤 Foiled Reversible Dust Jacket by @coverdungeonrabbit
🖤 End pages and interior character art by @celinelavenart
🖤 Foiled Hard Case by @coverdungeonrabbit
🖤 Stenciled Edges by @coverdungeonrabbit
🖤 Dagger illustration by

Tropes we love in Untainted:






The included fandoms for August will be:
✨ Outlander
✨ Throne of Glass
✨ The Bargainer
✨ The Plated Prisoner
✨ The Love Hypothesis

This is a monthly subscription product. Signing up with this box will have your subscription starting with our August Adult Box. Your account would then be set to automatically renew on August 20th for our September Adult box. This subscription automatically renews on the 20th of the month, for the upcoming month's box. 

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