The Bookish Box Young Adult Book Only Subscription

The Bookish Box Young Adult Book Only Subscription

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The Bookish Box is thrilled to announce December’s YA theme “Deadly Devotion”. This month celebrates our favorite “dagger to the throat”, “touch her and you die”, “I will tear the world apart for you” kind of romances! 

This month’s book is Bow Before the Elf Queen by @authorjmkearl. 

In hiding all her life, Layala prepares for the day the wicked High Elf King Thane will come to steal her— his powerful mate. She trains to take her revenge for the wrongful execution of her parents, who died for her freedom.

Now that day has come, forcing her to come face-to-face with what she’s hidden from: a dangerous, dark-haired, warrior king determined to marry her.

After she’s shoved into a black carriage pulled by six ominous steeds, Layala makes plans to take her captors’ lives and free herself...

...but Thane has a secret that makes it impossible for Layala to slay him. She has an even darker truth that makes loving her forbidden, no matter how much Thane wants to touch.

Dare to dive into this whimsical and deeply romantic story inspired by Hades & Persephone, The Lord of the Rings, and a sprinkle of Norse mythology. A tale that will grip you from the first page and stay with you long after the last.

Tropes we love in Bow Before the Elf Queen: 
⚔️ Enemies-to-lovers
⚔️ “Touch her and you die”
⚔️ One Horse 
⚔️ Arranged Marriage
⚔️ Slow Burn 
⚔️ Fated Mates
⚔️ “I will tear the world apart for you”

👑 Exclusive Cover
👑 Reversible Dust Jacket @reebardin
👑 Stenciled Sprayed Edges
👑 Signed by the Author
👑 Foiled Hard Case
👑 Exclusive End Papers @reebardin

Items inspired by fandoms including:
⚔️ A Court of Thorns and Roses
⚔️ Lux
⚔️ The Priory of the Orange Tree
⚔️ Throne of Glass
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This subscription plan includes the exclusive luxe edition of the month. This subscription does not include the monthly shirt or the 3-5 items. 

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