Bookish Favorites Tea Light Flight

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Having a hard time selecting a Bookish Candle? Have no fear, this tea light flight includes samples of our staple Bookish Candles so you can try before you commit to a full size candle ❤️ These Bookish Shop exclusive candles are made with soy wax, and a cotton wick and are hand-poured with love! These tea light candles are clear and contain the perfect amount to burn to find your favorite Bookish scent!

This listing includes 8 total tea lights. Each tea light contains .5oz of wax.



👅 Crescent City Inspired: Ruhn
| Notes |

Top: Fresh Lavendar, Geranium
Middle: Warm Mahogany
Base: Earthy Wood, Bergamot

🌙 Crescent City Inspired: Hunt
| Notes |

Top: Citrus, Dewy
Middle: Cedarwood, Ozonic, Green
Base: Musk, Sugary, Sandalwood

🦇ACOTAR Inspired: Shameless Flirt
| Notes |

Top: Bergamot
Middle: Honey, Amber, Coriander
Base: Tonka, Musk, Tobacco Leaves, Oud

🏔Night Court Candle
| Notes |

Top: Saffron, Apple
Middle: Black Currant, Blackberry, Vanilla
Base: Anise, Patchouli, Amber

🗡From Blood and Ash Inspired: Poppy
| Notes |

Top: Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves
Middle: Hemp, Cedar, Strawberry
Base: Vetiver, Dark Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Sugar

🩸Fourth Wing Inspired: Xaden
| Notes |
Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Saffron, Petitgrain, Cardamom, Citrus
Middle: Red Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Elemi, Jasmine, Rosemary
Base: Worn Leather, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Tobacco, Musk, Oakmoss, Musk, Wood

☕️Books and Coffee
| Notes |

Top: Coffee, Butter, Coconut, Teakwood
Middle: Sugar, Tonka, Cedar, Leather
Base: Cream, Coffee, Vanilla, Maple, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amyris, Dark Musk

🫖Books and Tea

| Notes |
Top: Teakwood, Citrus
Middle: Leather, Cedar, Lavender, Jasmine
Base: Dark Musk, Amyris, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Woody
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