August Adult 2023 Book & Goodies Box

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  • $52.00

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Our August Adult 2023: A Date With Death Book & Goodies Box! This one-time box includes the exclusive luxe edition of the month and 3-5 items. This box does not include the monthly shirt.


💚Masters of Death Exclusive Luxe Edition by @sarah_rebtine and signed by @olivieblake
💚Brutal Prince Inspired Foiled Print by @thebookishbox
💚Clear Book Vase by @doomandbloomstudios
💚King of Battle and Blood Inspired Necklace by @macharaology
💚The Plated Prisoner Inspired Kindle Bag by @no0nedesigns
💚Zodiac Academy Inspired: Lance Orion Pocket Bookbae by @fernandamaya

This box includes items officially licensed by Sophie Lark, Caroline Peckham, and Susanne Valenti.