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Justine Woods | She • Her
CEO & Creator of The Bookish Box & Shop

I love to spend time with my husband & two daughters. Our family loves binge watching movies, my husband & I love video games. Right now, my favorite games are Valorant & Dead by Daylight.

Why  She Works with Bookish: 
I love getting to create & curate for fellow readers. I also really love coming to the office & spending time with our team- I feel very lucky to have employees that care so much about our business & customers. 

Her Book Preferences: 
I love romance, fantasy & suspense the most. Some of my all time favorite books are History of Love, Mud Vein & current faves would be The Bridge Kingdom & Defy the Night.
Dana Snyder | She • Her
Special Projects Director & Creative Curator
I absolutely LOVE Halloween and anything spooky! I’m working to do a Halloween, spooky sleeve of tattoos! 

Why She Works with Bookish:
Many years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad about a company that sales bookish related items who were looking for an office assistant. I thought to myself “Hey, I love books & reading, let’s apply for this”! Here I still am, years later! It’s common to learn that you should have a dream job and go after it, but strangely enough, it happened the opposite for me! My dream job found me within The Bookish Box!

 Her Book Preferences:
I love reading fantasy with a hint of romance, or anything with a misunderstood villain with a tragic back story! I’m also a strong advocate for vampires & werewolves to make their way back into YA fiction! I spent many a high school days reading about werewolves & vampires & desperately want them back! 
 Stephanie Brown | She • Her
Adult Box Curator
I'm a bilingual book nerd with an incurable case of wanderlust and a deep-rooted pride of my Black and Brazilian heritage. When I'm not reading, you can find me binge-watching Marvel movies, true crime docs, or spoiling my furbaby, Ernie. 

Why  She Works with Bookish: 
I've loved The Bookish Box & Shop since the OG Appraising Pages days, and am so excited to be a part of team! Our work family is comprised of some amazing individuals and creatives who are passionate about providing fellow book lovers with quality products and experiences. Plus, who wouldn't want to live and breathe books during their work day?

Her Book Preferences: 
ROMANCE all the things! (Primarily  fantasy, paranormal, and historical romance.) Morally Grey characters are my kryptonite *swoons*
Rebecca Woods | She • Her
Head of Logistics & Fulfillment Manager
I am a big fan of listening true crime & watching horror movies! If I'm not watching a true crime doc, I'm re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Law & Order SVU for the millionth time. I have 2 cats, Smith & Winnie & a German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy, Alfred. When they have a baby-sitter, their mom is out camping or on the back of her boyfriends motorcycle staring at the stars!

Why She Works with Bookish:
I was working full-time in management at a restaurant for years, but I started helping out at Bookish in 2019. Within weeks, I was hooked & transferred here full-time. I never thought I could leave the restaurant world; but Bookish gave me a chance to grow, learn & now I am doing things I never imagined! I cannot believe that I get to work with such an amazing, supportive & caring team that has become my family.

 Her Book Preferences:
I absolutely love twisted psychological thrillers. I have chaotic energy when it comes to reading- so I love books that capture my full attention within a few pages, that way I can't put it down, Tarryn Fisher always gets me.
Jennifer Caiati | She • Her
Social Media Manager 
I love reading, watching anime &  playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends! Disney World is my favorite place in the world. I have a slight obsession with Kylo Ren/Adam Driver.  

Why  She Works with Bookish: 
The Bookish Box team is amazing! Everyone on the team is so kind & our management team believes in your strengths & builds them up. I love being in a creative & positive work environment. It's honestly the best job I've ever had. So happy to be in the Bookish Fam! 

Her Book Preferences: 
 My favorite genre is fantasy romance, but I also enjoy contemporary romance, YA paranormal horror & romantic comedy from time to time.
Aubrey Vasquez | She • Her
Executive Assistant
I enjoy listening to music, making playlists, traveling, reading & being with my friends! One of my favorite vacation spots is Seattle, Washington. I love binging on TikTok on my breaks & bringing a smile to my co-workers faces throughout the day!

Why She Works with Bookish:
I'm given the opportunity to be my authentic self & explore ideas & possibilities while being encouraged by my Bookish Fam! I also get to share my love for music by curating our Monthly Bookish Box Spotify Playlists!

 Her Book Preferences:
I love to read romance, contemporary & biographies.
Nathaniel Brooks | He   Him
Owner/Professional Squeegee Puller 
I really enjoy gaming and nerdy computer stuff. Also, I love getting to spend time with my kids, and I really enjoy streaming my favorite video games!

Why  He Works with Bookish: 
The Bookish Box has also been a vision for Justine and I, to try and create a place where not only we can curate amazing things for everyone to enjoy, but also a place where people can come to work and feel safe and happy. I enjoy working for The Bookish Box because everyday I'm shocked that I get to work around so many talented, and and amazing people. The fact that I get to share a space with them is not only humbling, but peaceful too!

His Book Preferences: 
I love modern fiction, but my bread & butter will always be comic books. 
Ari Lara | She • Her
Director of Customer Service
I've been dancing on a dance company for seven years, as both a student & choreographer. I am an artist through & through, whether it's dancing, writing, or visual design. If there's a museum, you will most likely find me inside of it in complete awe. My spirit animal is a butterfly but on some days, a jaguar! My favorite day of the week is Sunday, they're spent drinking iced matcha lattes & watching Spongebob!

Why She Works with Bookish:
As a young Hispanic woman trying to find her place in this world, I have found my solace in working for a company that empathizes on inclusivity. The Bookish team is a force of people comprised from many backgrounds, coming together to bring happiness to our fellow book lovers & I am so fortunate to be a part it! I find great joy in working directly with our customers & having the opportunity to hear from you all!

 Her Book Preferences:
My favorite kinds of books are poetry books in front of an open window, on a sunny day. I think this is rooted in my deep love for music & lyricist. My favorite modern day poet is Lang Leav but if we're talking something more classic, then the ever so timeless, Miss Maya Angelou.
Heather Davis | She • Her
Shop Lead
Heather can be found scouring thrift stores for uranium glass (treasure!), petting her 9 kitties (crazy cat lady achievement unlocked!), reading (duh, but mostly audio books lately) & playing Pokemon Go (gotta catch'em all!).

Why  She Works with Bookish: 
After years in the food and beverage industry, it's mind boggling and refreshing to have bosses who really care. I also love that my co-bookish-workers are all weirdos like me! Everyone here is so uniquely themselves.

His Book Preferences: 
Some of my recent favorite reads are: These Hollow Series by Kim Harrison and The Rules of Civilty by Amor Towels (SO VERY GOOD! I highly recommend reading this!).
Victor Davis| He • Him
Fulfillment Lead
My hobbies are video games; skateboarding; and collecting all kinds of stuff like Lego, Pokemon cards, rare coins, and other oddities. Fun fact: At more than a third of a million bricks, my Lego collection is one of the largest private collections known. 

Why He Works with Bookish:
I love this place. The Bookish Box is possibly the greatest work experience I have ever known. This isn't work ad much as it's more like getting paid to hang out with friends. It's family to me.

 His Book Preferences:
Mostly technical books and papers, relating to math and physics. Until I start getting paid for it, I'm only a mathematician and physicist for fun. For non-fiction, it's almost always horror, especially if it's bordering on science-fiction.