Make Your Own Magic Patch Bundle

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  • $14.00

Make Your Own Magic with this patch bundle! These patches go perfectly on a tote bag or denim jacket! 


✨ 3 Iron-on embroidered patches

💫 Make Your Own Magic ( 4" x 3")

💫 2 Mystic Moths ( 1.77" x 2.75" each)

All patches designed by @girlandcatstudio.

How to apply your patch:
1. Set your iron to the hottest setting for your garment, and turn off the steam.
2. Lay the patch on the garment with the embroidered side of the patch facing up.
3. Cover the patch with fabric*, and apply the iron for 30-40 seconds.
*a tea towel or pillowcase will do!
4. Turn the garment inside out and repeat step 3 on the reverse side.

Care instructions:
When washing, please turn garment inside out and wash on a gentle setting.
Please note the iron-on patches are unsuitable for ironing on to leather, vinyl, rayon, nylon, or waterproof materials, but can be sewn on instead.