The Crown of Oaths and Curses Exclusive Luxe Edition

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The Crown of Oaths and Curses Exclusive Luxe Edition

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👑Signed by & letter from the author @jbreeauthor
👑Exclusive cover @Ariel Waters
👑Reversible dust jacket @artofwesgardner
👑Exclusive hard case @Ariel Waters
👑Exclusive stenciled sprayed edges @Ariel Waters
👑Exclusive illustrative endpapers @Ariel Waters

I devoted my life to a king who was not my own. On the road to ultimate honor and glory, I lost everything. Now, in a world ravaged by the whims of those who rule, I must turn my back on a lifetime of friendships and loyalties to face my own fate. The Savage Prince. Heir to the high-fae throne of the Southern Lands, he is known for his brutality and cold heart. But with the kingdom on the brink of ruin, I have no choice but to seek him out. The war between the fae and the witches rages, and there’s no end in sight. My destiny is clear—help the prince defeat his enemies before it’s too late. One small problem. I am Rookesbane Eveningstar. The Favored Child returned, a Witch of the Woods. The greatest enemy of my Fates-blessed mate.

From our 2024 Janaury Bookish: Cursed Vows Box!